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You can add as many code snippets to the Thank you page as you need. They all will function properly as long as there are no errors in their code.

This is how the conversion tracking works: when a customer reaches the order confirmation page the code that you added for the conversion tracking is executed and the information is passed for further processing to the company that you use for conversion tracking. So in order to trigger conversion tracking you actually have to reach the final page of the checkout.

If you do not see any conversions this can be due to one of the following reasons:

- Incorrect tracking code.
- No orders were placed through your ad.
- Buyers didn’t reach the final page of checkout on which the conversion tracking code is executed.

To find out why the conversion tracking isn’t working please answer the below questions:

- Did you setup your Google AdWords account as described in this post?
- Is you tracking pixel verified in your Google Adwords account? You can check it’s status on Adwords dashboard -> Reporting and Tools -> Conversions page of your AdWords account.
- Have you tried placing a test order through your own ad?
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