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Ecwid team is back with tremendous news!

We have changed the behavior of the ‘Continue shopping button’, if our Single Product widget is added on the website. The button used to open the whole store in the popup, but now it closes the popup, and leaves customers to browse your website.

Customer used to open up the popup with the content of their shopping bag, and having checked that, wanted to come back to browsing the website he was on. However, clicking ‘Continue shopping’ button, did not return the customer to the website. Instead of that, he would see the whole store in that same popup. That behaviour caused a lot of frustration, because the customer usually wants to come back to the initial website.

Moreover, among many reasons for using Single Product widget, was that merchants do not want their customers seeing the whole store at all.

We want to let you know, that the Ecwid developers team, working very hard, has changed the behavior of the ‘Continue shopping’ button. Now, thanks to your feedback, ‘Continue Shopping’ button closes the popup.

Check it out, and reach out to us, if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Ecwid Customer Care Team