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Thank you for the good question, Derek. Yes, we need to clarify this thing further.

One of our main goals and drivers for our decisions is to make sure Ecwid merchants will never have disriptions in their selling. This affects our product decisions a lot. For example if you are on the "Silver" plan and your credit card has expired, you will still have 7 days before we downgrade you. And if you contact us, we will extend this grace period without questions. Even if you are downgraded, we will not remove any extra products, they will be still be available for purchase. And so on.

The situation with monthly transaction volume isn't an exception. Even if you hit by a limit, your customers will still be able to place orders in your store. No error messages. No restrictions in the storefront or during checkout. However you will need to upgrade to _process_ these orders. And if for some reason you cannot upgrade right now (credit card changes can take some time, we know), just contact us at and we will extend the paid period while you're fixing the billing issue.

How the transaction volume is calculated: it is the total sum of all Accepted and Queued orders for the last 30 days. If you're going to hit the limit soon, you will see a warning in the control panel. If some order has been cancelled or you placed some test ones, just switch their statuses to "Cancelled" or "Declined" and they will not be counted.

And I want to mention again that our current "Silver" merchants will not have any monthly transaction limits.
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