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Default Cart Qty field bug?

By design and presentation, it seems that the Qty # should change when when one uses the "Add More" button.
When I have added an item to the cart, if I use the Add More button to increase the number of items in the cart, the Qty number in the same box does not change to reflect the new number, (although the "# in the bag" does change) and when i go to checkout, the new number is reflected accurately.

The Qty # looks by design to be an editable number, and in fact can be edited by a user, but any change is not reflected if one goes to checkout. This is confusing.

From my perspective, the Qty # should not be editable but just a display of what the current qty is, and when it is added to the bag, then it should be replaced with the bag and words "1 in the bag, which changes when the bag is added to. Or the other option which is to have the text next to the bag stay "in the bag" and have the Qty # above it reflect the changing number of items when someone clicks on Add More - but again, make the Qty # so it is not editable.