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Actually when you create a new custom shipping method, you can set the delivery date for it manually. And as far as I can, you have already defined the delivery time for the two custom shipping methods in your store. Could you possibly clarify why it does not suit you?

But please note that customer will be able to select a shipping method only if the purchased products have weight specified.

I have checked your store, and as far as I can see, for the products with the weight assigned (for example, "One Life" product) the delivery time is shown.

Let me please also clarify the following: if you would like to setup EMS delivery with these costs, you should not use their carrier-calculated methods. EMS uses its own calculation rules, no way related to the order total cost. So if you would like to configure your own shipping costs, but still use EMS for the goods delivery, please be ready to face situations when the real cost of the delivery you'll need to pay to EMS will differ from the one defined in your store.

But if you would like to provide free shipping to those who make a purchase for a sum over a certain limit, you can do it with the help of discount coupons. You can create coupons for free shipping if the order total is over a certain sum. More info about discount coupons can be found here:
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