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Originally Posted by Admin9 View Post
I want to change the shopping bag and shopping cart "Total" to say "Total includes GST" and also the Invoice to say the same. I read another old thread someone asking the same question but they were using Weebly which didn't help me, I am adding the Ecwid cart to my existing privately hosted website, thanks.
Hi Admin9,

This is Cooper from Ecwid Customer Care Team.

I want to change the shopping bag and shopping cart "Total" to say "Total includes GST"
This can be done with our free app called Storefront Label Editor.
Go to your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Edit Store Labels. In the app, find all the labels by searching for the “Total” keyword. The ones you might need are:
- — the total in your customer’s shopping bag.
- — the total on “Place order” and “Thank you for your order” pages.
- — the total in the orders history in customer’s account.

You can edit any or all of them. Changes are saved automatically. See more instructions on how to use the app here:

and also the Invoice to say the same.
Invoices are edited in a different way. You can customize the invoices in two ways:

1. Edit the default invoice template by changing its html code.
To do it, go to Ecwid control panel > Settings > Invoices > Edit template.
For example, in your case, you will need to find and replace the string <p>${}</p> with <p>Total includes GST</p>. In this case, you replace a variable with a custom text. This way you can edit everything in your invoice. The feature of editing invoice is available on the Business plan and above.

2. Create your own invoice template using apps from our App Market.
You can find appropriate apps in Ecwid App Market: go to Ecwid control panel > Apps > App Market. Just search apps by the “invoice” keyword and it will show you all the options. Here are some of them:
- PrintFantastic.
- Printout Designer.
You can access the App Market on paid plans starting from Venture.

Customizing invoices is covered by the following article: Customizing invoices.

A summary of Ecwid plans and features can be found here: Ecwid plans and pricing.

You can also read the following guide that might help you set up you store: Getting started.

If you are going to sell clothes, I’d suggest that you take a look at our Business plan. It offers wide opportunities to manage the stock and customize the product information. For example, if you have several sizes of the same t-shirt, with the Business plan, you can set the stock and a product image for every size. This is made with the help of variations. You can read how to create and manage them in the article Controlling stock of products with options.

Hope this helps.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

More tips and hints on Ecwid use in our Help Center

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