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Originally Posted by undefined18491 View Post
I will be using an electronic kitting fulfillment center to ship my orders. How can I put ecwid on my site and have the orders sent to the fulfillment company ? I would like to 1) get copies of the order and 2) have the order automatically go to the fulfillment house. Thank you Alvin...
Hello Alvin!

I am very sorry for such a long delay with the answer. In general, if you need to connect your Ecwid store with 3d-party database somehow you can use Export/Import feature in Ecwid for manual uploading/downloading data to/from your store: For example, Ecwid allows exporting all orders into CSV file: in Ecwid control panel at Sales page, click on export button under the orders list.

Also, you can use Ecwid API for automatic processing that data. You can create a custom script to sync your orders with your own 3rd-party system: Please, note, an access to the Ecwid API is included for all accounts in a paid plan. You will need to upgrade to one of our current plan offerings in order to access the API. You can check Ecwid plans and features breakdown in this article:

Please, pay your attention that development of such integration will require programming skills. If you need assistance in creating a custom solution for your store, please consider hiring a professional programmer.

I hope this helps, but if there are any further questions, feel free to ask them.
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