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Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to remove the left parenthesis using Ecwid translation tool, as this symbol is hardcoded in Ecwid code.

As a workaround you could hide left parenthesis by adding following CSS code to the end of your custom CSS theme:

  div.ecwid-productBrowser-details-qtyAvailInfo {
   text-indent: -0.5em; /* you can change this value if needed*/
   overflow: hidden;
This rule hides the left parenthesis by indenting it outside the element box with the text-indent property and then hiding everything outside the box. '0.5em' is the left parenthesis width, thus, when you shift text to the left on this value, "(" symbol goes outside the box and doesn't show.
"(" symbol width could be a bit different for your OS and need some adjustment, so if you notice that (47 Deals) text appears not exactly as you need (for ex. small part of "(" symbol visible or the digit next to it is partially clipped) you can adjust the value of text-indent for a more precise clipping.

In order to hide right parenthesis you should remove ")" symbol from 'ProductDetails.available' label using Ecwid translation tool.

Once you add CSS code in your theme and apply changes to the custom translation, the parenthesis symbols will not appear around the quantity on the product details pages in your shop.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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