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Default Can I use Ecwid Variations to sell tickets?

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a way to sell tickets to an interactive horror tour of a haunted house. I'm looking to use ecwid to sell the tickets on a wix website I've already set up, but it's fairly complicated.

What I'd like to do is sell the tickets by tour, then date, then timeslot, then number of people (2 - 4), then either concession or full price. And make sure there is only one of each timeslot available. The real clincher is, I'd like to set it up in such a way that each choice affects the others. So, if someone wanted to see the first tour, they'd choose that option, then all the available dates that are not yet sold out pop up. Then, when they pick a date, the timeslots that are still available pop up.

Whether that timeslot has two or four people, or is full price or not can already be done with variants, but my question was whether the Product Variations available in the business pricing plan can do that? Or if not, is that even possible on ecwid? Or is there an easier of doing this that I haven't thought of yet?

Thanks for your time,