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That's much better!

Now that I have moved the categories, I'm trying to get the shopping bag to permanently display between the sign in space and my search box.

I added the floating menu parameter, and I read the page "How to change minicart position in a floating mode", but again, the directions appear to be incomplete.

You can't just paste in the floating menu parameter code and then paste the code for "Right top corner" after that. It doesn't work.

Obviously, the code for "Right top corner" has to be pasted someplace specifically. But there aren't any specific directions-- at least not on the "How to change minicart position in floating mode (
You see, the floating position actually means that the minicart icon will stay in a definite place of the screen (not of the page) when you scroll up or down, for example. At the moment it is located in the right bottom position, and if I scroll down, the page will be scrolled, but the cart will stay in my bottom right corner, plus you can drag-n-drop it when viewing the store pages. If you would like to place it in some definite place on your page, and have it there as a fixed element of the page, you can, first of all set a Fixed mode for it, and then set its exact position with the help of CSS rules, that should be added to Ecwid control panel -> System Settings -> Design -> CSS Themes. For example, after switching the minicart to the fixed mode, please add the following CSS rule:

div.ecwid-minicart {
top: 13em;
right: 24em;
and click "Save (Ctrl+S)".

The thing is that Sort By is displayed in the categories that contain products only. It is not displayed in on the pages of the categories, that contain subcategories. For example: