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Lightbulb Hiding categories / Multiples "stores" - WIX


We are starting to go online with our products and its working great so far. But we are a manufacturer and we need have different brands which have their own websites.

The thing is, we dont want customers to be able to see or buy products from a another brand than the one that should be displayed on that particular website.

We are on WIX and we used the ECWID plugin.

I created two categories for each brand, at first from my tests customers could see and/or navigate to the different brands. So I hid the the "breadcrumbs" but now there is no button to go back to the "product list".

The customer is basically stuck on the product page... you can only move forward from there and thats a major problem.

How can I fix that problem?

Also, on another note;

With breadcrumbs and footer menu disabled, the product page is incorrectly displayed its missing the top part. See picture bellow, you can also note on that picture that its impossible to go back.

Also, when the breadcrumbs are on and you can go back, the button to go back is hard to find. Its text and its barely visible, thats what I was told by people using the store and I agree with them.

Thank you for the help!
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