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Originally Posted by Leggings and Tunics View Post
So here is my integration question. I have a store front that sells mix items including Apparel. I sell Apparel online, I need something that when something is sold at the store front, it will update the inventory in Ecwid. So it is almost that I need a POS in my storefront that will upload inventory counts to Ecwid.
Sorry for taking so long to reply!

I can see you've also contacted us via email, so I presume you've already sorted that out.
Yet, in case someone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar question:

I presume, you were referring to some offline storefront (i.e. actual live store)?

Since by default you can have any number of online storefronts per one Ecwid account, that would be displaying the same store (optionally - different categories), so the remaining items will be synced automatically.

If you're referring to offline storefront, there can be two approaches:

1) We have integrations with several POS systems like Clover, Square and Vend, so if you're already using one of them in your store, you could integrate Ecwid with them.

2) As an alternative, you could use our app for iPhone/iPad to add new orders through it once the item is purchased in "physical" store. Optionally, PayPal Here or iZettle could be used to accept credit cards with card reader as well (these services are available in certain countries only)

Hope this helps someone!