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Originally Posted by Benjamin Goudeseune View Post
I am using the html codes to add products to my pages in wordpress (mainly for seo purposes). I have my own structure build in wordpress pages, so I am not using any ecwid product browser or categories. The script used in the html code creates the floating shopping bag, which opens in a lighbox. This is all fine, but when the 'continue shopping'-button is clicked, this results in displaying the product browser within the lightbox, which is obviously not what I want. Since the shopping bag/checkout process takes place within a lightbox anyway, it seems quite clear that to 'continue shopping', the customer should just close the lightbox, hence I see no need for the 'continue shopping'-button at all. Please assist in removing it from the lightbox, thank you!
Benjamin hi,

really sorry for keeping your waiting such a long time for the case to be solved!

I’ve inspected your issue and come up with solution.

In order for the ‘Continue shopping’ button to be hidden, please proceed to your Ecwid Control Panel -> Settings -> Design and apply the following code in your own CSS theme:

div.ecwid-productBrowser-backgroundedPanel div.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton, 
div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-emptyCartPanel button,
button.ecwid-ContinueShoppingButton-Invoice { 
Save the changes you’ve applied to the theme, then proceed to your Ecwid store in WordPress and check, if it helped to solve your case.

To get more info on your storefront customization abilities, please refer to this section of Ecwid Knowledge Base.