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Originally Posted by Recrearte Entretenimientos View Post
Hi!!, I`m emulating, can get the x_amount, x_invoice_num, x_email, etc with no problems, but can´t get x_po_num value, assuming is the equivalent ecwid order id or number.
Can you help me asap ???
Thanks a lot in advance!!
Enrique Yantorno
Hi Enrique,

Thank you for contacting us.

As I see, you are trying to implement the Custom Gateway into your Ecwid store using Authorize.Net SIM

I checked the field x_po_num in the SIM documentation guide and it looks like it needs to be a unique order number for the customers purchase.

After that I checked what fields Ecwid is typically sending to that payment gateway and as I see, you will need to use the x_invoice_num parameter or x_cust_id to get the order ID for that order.

If you need order number, that you see in Ecwid control panel in the Sales section, then you should use the x_description parameter, which is transferred in the following format: Order #72

Thank you.
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