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Originally Posted by stevensmedia View Post
Thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply. Unfortunately, neither solution suits our needs so we'll manually add products to the Home page rather than use the Ecwid embed code.

Suggestion: It would be really cool if we could select button functionality when generating the embed code, either Add To Cart OR More Info (go to product page.) That way, HTTP/S wouldn't be an issue with the embed code.
Yes, you can place the links to the product pages there instead of the add to bag buttons. Here is the details.

Since you use the single product widget for displaying products on the main page, you can directly edit the HTML code of the product. Currently the add to bag button code is as follows:
<script type="text/javascript">
It automatically loads the Ecwid add to bag button and provide the corresponding functionality. If you want to display just a link like 'More info' or a button linked to the product page, you will need to replace the code above with the HTML code of the link or button. For example it could look like this:
<a href="">More info</a>
Please refer to this page for the details on how to get product page URL:

This workaround won't solve the different cart contents issue though - the minicart widget on the main page will still display different items count compared to the one in minicart on the store page. In order to prevent possible confusing, you can remove the minicart widget from the main page.
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