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Thanks Ksenia. The reason that I also posted here is because there was a chance that I would get extra help from the community.

You are correct that under these circumstances "rich snippets for Ecwid SPW should not appear in the search results." However, as long as there are any rich snippets for Ecwid SPW on the page, Google will ignore all other product rich snippets since only one is allowed per page. Because of that, it is impossible for page search results to have any details from any of the snippets.

To make matters worse, even when rich snippets for Ecwid SPW are used as intended, they are badly formatted so are not useful at all. See the end of this thread for an explanation from Vitaliy G.

So the only reasonable immediate solution is to use the Ecwid code prior to Snippets being added. I asked for it in my support incident, but was turned down. I do not understand why. Actually, to be fair to your users and to provide them with the flexibility that they need, the tool for creating the code should be restored as an option in the control panel. This way users could choose whether or not to use Ecwid rich snippets.

I tracked down a site that uses the old SPW and used it to create the code that I need so now my site is happily Ecwid rich snippet free. I posted the code and details at the end of the same thread that I mentioned earlier.