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Originally Posted by SteveOrg View Post
Usually rich snippets are very helpful for SEO, but for my store they get in the way and confuse search engines.

My products are generic alternatives for expensive name brand products. Accordingly, people do not search for my product, but find my product when searching for the name brand.

I use multiple product widgets on a page for all of the variations related to a specific name brand. I also have text like "As low as $2.00 each compared to the name brand.", which is the text that will be the basis of the rich snippet for the page.

Accordingly, Ecwid rich snippets are not necessary. How do I remove them? If not removeable, do you have any other suggestions to ensure that the search engines picks up the manual rich snippet and ignores Ecwid snippets?
Hi Steve,

thank you for your message. You have reached us by email with the same inquiry. I'll post my answer here as well, as it may be helpful for other users, viewing the thread.

The code of Single Product Widget (SPW) can not be indexed by search engines and taken as the basis for producing rich snippets. The code contains the elements for building the product layout only. The layout is structured with the help of markups. However, the SPW code doesn't include any values for product name, price, etc. Therefore, SPW data are not valid for producing the rich snippets.

If you check the SPW code in Google Structured Data Tool, you will see that Google doesn't validate the SPW code and indicates the required attributes price and name are missing their values. So rich snippets for Ecwid SPW should not appear in the search results. If you have found any rich snippets for Ecwid products embedded with the help of single product widgets in the search results, please provide the link of that page. We will investigate the case.

In addition, please refer to the following article to learn more about creating reach snippet for products using special markup language:
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