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Originally Posted by ellie View Post

I'm setting up Ecwid on my site, I don't have it online yet, I'm designing in Freeway and viewing in safari. I chose us, canada, and eu for shipping destinations and I set up usps with usa as the destination and ny only for sales tax. I can add products into my cart and see a possible tax now, but when I tried to purchase a product as a test, I got a message saying we don't ship to that destination or something... how is that possible? I'm in ny and I'm using my address to ship to.

Have I done something wrong here? Is there something else I need to do to set up shipping? I watched a video but there doesn't seem to be any discussion about that. Someone just said she selected Australia and a zone there since she shipped there a lot, but that it was basically all set up already with use, canada, eu etc.


I've examined your Ecwid store settings. 'We do not ship to this location' error appears because of the shipping settings.
You setup your store to receive online shipping rates from USPS. Most likely your USPS account is in test mode. You can check it in your Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Shipping -> click 'Carrier-calculated' -> 'Account Details', button 'Test method'. Ecwid will connect to USPS to test the settings. If it's configured properly, you'll see a message 'Test succeeded'. If your USPS account is in test mode, you'll receive a warning about it there.
Please, refer to this article for the instructions how to solve the issue:
I've enabled USPS but still cannot see the rates.

Also the shipping method is configured for zone 'USA'. This zone includes three countries: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Virgin Islands, U.S., and one state "United States: New York".
Ecwid determines customer's zone by country, then state, then zip code. If the zone has a state, this state must be in the submitted shipping address.
Thus your zone 'USA' covers only New York state. It means that the shipping will be calculated only for those customers who will submit US, New York in their shipping address.
If you want to ship to the other US states you need to change this destination zone 'USA':
- in Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Zones, enter 'USA' zone
- under 'States' box, remove New York state
- click 'Save'.
After that zone 'USA' will cover all the three countries.

If you want to ship to Canada and Europe, you need to create shipping methods for these zones as well.
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