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I want to set up local delivery only with no shipping to other parts of the world or areas? I am unsure how to do this. When i go on my site and place an order it allows people from other provinces to place and order. It does not by default say no shipping to this area.
I would like to set up so people can place orders choose pick up from store or delivery to local areas only with no shipping. How do I do that?
Hello there!
This is Nastya, Ecwid Customer Care team. Thank you for contacting us!

As I understand, you want to make it possible to order the products in your store only for the customers from a specific area. To do it you can add the local delivery shipping method to your store and specify a shipping zone for this option. This shipping zone can be limited by zip-codes.

I’ve checked your account and noticed that at the moment there is one shipping method available in your store – In-store Pickup. I’ve also noticed that you already created the local delivery method “Free Delivery- to Businesses in Brant County ONLY, (OR 15 Kilometers from Brantford/Brant County ON)” and now it is disabled. I can see that you set up the shipping zone for this method. However, the fields with country, region and Zip-codes in the setting of this zone are empty. That’s why the customers were able to make the orders from other provinces in your store.

To fix it, we can edit the “Local Postal Codes” shipping zone, specify the Zip-codes for this zone and add it to the already existing local shipping method. Thus, the customers will be able to use this shipping method only if on the checkout page they enter the address that is included in the delivery area.

Please, follow the instructions below to set up the shipping zone and enable the local delivery shipping method:
1. Go to Ecwid Admin – Shipping & Pickup – Zones – click on the Local Postal Codes zone to edit it
2. Select the country for your local delivery by clicking on Add Country – select the region from the list by clicking on Add Region – fill in a special field with the Zip-codes to limit the delivery area you’ve want to set up
3. Save the changes
In your Ecwid Admin go to Shipping & Pickup – click on the Enable toggle opposite the “Free Delivery- to Businesses in Brant County ONLY, (OR 15 Kilometers from Brantford/Brant County ON)” shipping method

The changes will be saved automatically.

All done! Now there are two shipping options available in your Ecwid store: the local delivery that is limited with the shipping zones and the in-store pickup. To make an order in your store, the customers will be required to enter the address that is included in the shipping zone you’ve set up.

I hope this helps. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We’ll be glad to answer them!