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Originally Posted by Jessica Rodriguez View Post

Try creating a user, does anyone know why the text moves to the left when someone is logged in? it throws the design off and doesn't look right.

Thank you!!

Thank you for contacting us.

I checked your website and it happens because you specified the login links to more to the right only when the user is not logged in using this CSS code:
.ecwid-ProductBrowser-auth-anonim {
  margin-right: -185px !important;
Therefore once a user logs in, this code is no longer applied and the content goes to the left.

In order to fix it, we will need to specify the same rule to the situation when a user is signed in:
.ecwid-ProductBrowser-auth-logged {
	margin-right: -185px !important;

.ecwid-productBrowser-auth-accountLink {
	margin-right: 60px !important;

div.ecwid-ProductBrowser-auth-logged span:nth-child(3) span:nth-child(3) {
	visibility: hidden !important;
Please add this code at the end of your current CSS theme and save the changes. Also I noticed that your banner at the top of the website doesn't change its size, so it will hide the 'Your account' link once you view your website using a tablet or a phone, so I suggest you move this banner to the Store Home page category description, thus the user navigation in your store will display at all times as well as the banner.
In order to change the description of that category, please go to Ecwid control panel > Catalog > Categories > Select Store home page category.
Thank you.
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