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Originally Posted by Pasi Tolonen View Post
We need to know from where we can get the link to printable invoice OR how we can get the required parameters for that link. We get order information for every order through Order API so we should have all the necessary information, but it appears that those http-parameters to printable invoice are something that we are not receiving.

We need to keep this link in our own system so that customers can reprint this invoice/receipt whenever they want.

Hello Pasi,

I’m happy to help you with your question!

As far as I understand, you wish to have customer invoices for your store orders printed upon customer request, is it correct?

Let me explain the following things for you.

All customers can print out invoices once they complete an order: the final order step is ‘Thank you for your order’ page displaying the order details and a link to print the invoice.
Yet, it is then stored only within the Ecwid control panel, and you can print invoices from there only (at 'Sales' page).

If you’re interested in a way how to implement invoices printing for customers via Ecwid API, I must admit (and true to say that’s sad) that today our API doesn’t allow implementing direct invoice printing.

However, the good news is that in fact you’re receiving all the necessary details be contained in customer invoices via the same Ecwid API: order number, customer, payment method, shipping method, payment status, etc.

Hence you’re able to develop such option as custom invoice printing which I assume would be a great supplement to what’s been already additionally developed for Ecwid within your recent tryings.

Can you please specify, which platform do you use together with Ecwid?
That would be very interesting for us to take a look at your website and how things work in it.

Meanwhile you may wish to try the following interim solution: place an announcement on your website just as a reminder for your customers to request invoices from you if ever required.

As mentioned above, you’re always able to reach out invoices for all of the orders placed in your store upon customer request from your Ecwid Control Panel (Control Panel -> My Sales -> Orders):

Besides, everyone is welcome to place a suggestion/idea which you may assume to be implemented in order to make Ecwid better.

To do that, please proceed to this link below:

Once submitted, your idea will be reviewed and discussed, and you will receive a notification when it’s implemented.

Please let me know if it helped you and feel free to ask me more questions.