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Thanks. Having read your response and looked at it again, I tried to make sense of what was confusing for me and this is what came to me, and again I thought I would point this out because I would be surprised if other people did not get it on their first pass of one of your carts, and thought this might help in its design.

If I go to a product page, what I see is:

Qty 1
Add to Bag

So I click on the Add to Bag button, and then what I see is:

Qty 1
In the Bag
Add More - Go to Checkout
Continue Shopping

So my somewhat unconcious interpretation of the page is that the "Qty 1" refers to what is "In the Bag" - because it simply reads that way - and so I am now thinking that the "Qty 1" is telling me how much is in the bag, which is not the case as it is functionally a factor of how much will be added to the bag if I click on the Add More button.

When I then click on the Add More button and it then reads:

Qty 1
2 in the Bag
Add More - Go to Checkout
Continue Shopping

Now I get confused because there is a number in the phrase "2 in the Bag", so my original assumption seems wrong and now I don't know what the 1 refers to.

For me and anyone like me, I think it would be more clear if after adding an item to the bag, that instead of just saying, "In the Bag", if that said "1 in the Bag". Then it would make more sense to me from the outset.

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