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Thumbs up You want to get the app 51 times cheaper, for $1/year?


Read the post carefully, it has a bonus.

Merry Christmas is coming soon and we decided to give you a gift – "Give the opportunity to buy our app [URL="»]Multi-level menu[/URL] for $1/year " although it costs $51/year.

Before launching the campaign, we are interested in your opinion ‐ Do you need a promotion?

They decided to vote in the social network to make it easier to count.

Links to groups will be lower. Voting lasts a week and at the end of the week, we will decide whether to launch the action or not. To start the campaign you need to put 10,000 likes and subscribers in the group.

[COLOR="Indigo"]You can vote in two social networks:
  1. 1. fb for those who speak English.
  2. 2. vk for Russian speakers

Voting in each social network you increase the chances of launching such an action.

Anyone can ask their friends to vote for the launch of the action by placing a post on their wall: “I want the app 51 times cheaper! Help start a campaign that allows me to buy an application for $1/year, and it costs $51/year".

You can vote in two social networks:
  1. 1. Like a post about a promotion;
  2. 2. Share a post on your wall or blog;
  3. 2. Subscribe to or join the group’s newsletter to receive a notification of voting.

Attention bonus!

In addition, in order to make it more interesting for you to participate, we will give a free license for a year, to the one who will leave a comment about the action under the post, will receive an annual license for free & ndash; the condition is valid for those who leave comments on:
  1. Facebook
  2. Vkontakte
  3. Forume
  4. Blog
those. Before the start of the promotion, we will give 4 licenses for free!
Voting lasts until December 8, 2018 23:59 UTC+5.
  1. Go to Facebook group
  2. Go to Vkontakte groupe

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