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I'm just in the process of de-installing it because cannot comment on reviewers posts or questions, and they want 30$ a month to not be paralysed.. too expensive
secondly this is the second review app i deinstall, because one in 3 people try to use it as a 'can you contact me?' message box and make work for me to sweep up. Yotpo is useless unless you upgrade, and it has to much high pressure salesmanship with almost every option forcing upgrade when you click on it
greedy company
reviews was always a difficult thing to find on the web as a service for our websites till technology reached the present stage, but with or without the facilitation of review apps, the agenda remains the same problem and always will do.. namely, that the average common user is clueless as to how to use these review pages, and abuse it to try to post off topic rubbish, making extra workload for the website owner.. 99% of my customers are happy customers and gave great reviews, but unfortunately, there will always be these idiots who spam your clean review page with stuff like 'hey can you contact me?' and don't even leave an email address (yotpo does let web owner see the contact details of reviewer, rendering the whole idea useless).

Yotpo abuse us too with the knowledge that you will have to clean up moderate and comment, and won't let you unless upgrade.. its like those apps that are free in App Store that ask you to upgrade at every right turn.. I'm a person who immediately deletes anything like that.. i sell with generosity, and sell well, i never buy from non generous traders, which is proof of the bad pr one can make for oneself with such high pressure meanness and soul-less marketing methods.. i do not support such approaches.

Yotpo deliberately try to frustrate you into upgrade

thats not a modern sales technique, its a bad sales approach. Promotes antagonism
proof of that is the fact i feel antagonised by the experience of yotpo and am here to mention it.. they damage themselves and i am the proof

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