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Originally Posted by Shop View Post
Hey Guys,

I need some help with this. I want to add options to exisiting products in my store using the X-Cart import method. Please can someone give me a step by step as I am not getting anywhere...

X-Cart import is useful if you have an X-Cart installation and would like to migrate over to Ecwid (or just copy your inventory). One of the most simple ways is to export the products from X-Cart and then import them into Ecwid. If you don't have an X-Cart instance, you can try an X-Cart demo or download a free evaluation copy at (it doesn't prohibit exporting while in trial period).

Manual forging of a file appropriate for options import is a bit complicated, since X-Cart options are not just single-body entities. Here is a decription of the file format: . You can also create your product in X-Cart demo, export it with options an see that file for a reference.