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Originally Posted by Bryggen Handel View Post
Sorry, we do not ship to this location
I'm bulding a site where the shippments are from Norway using a Custom table to ship.
How ever these countries get this message Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece and Hungary. they are added on the list of countries, but I het the message Sorry, we do not ship to this location when those countries are selected??
Hello, I have tested your store as follows: I've added SKU Henning039 to cart, proceeded to checkout and checked the shipping availability for the five countries mentioned by you. Here are the results:

1. Estonia:

2. Latvia:

3. Lithuania:

4. Greece:

5. Hungary:

Please let us know if you still face the shipping issue with these countries. If you do - please let us know the exact product it can be reproduced with, the total weight of products in the order and the exact shipping address.