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Exclamation Stock Control not working - can't change SKU to previously used value, product variation SKU issue, downgraded from paid to free plan


I'm currently on the free plan. In June, 2014, I upgraded to the cheapest paid ECWID plan pan for one month, so I could track inventory on a per-size basis for a limited period of time. Then I downgraded back to the free plan one month later. I think this is the primary cause of the issues I'm encountering now.

I just noticed that when I try to update the inventory per item, not per-size (screenshot), the amount isn't updated on our website (screenshot). I also noticed that the sku on the store is different from the one in my ecwid dashboard. But I can't change it to the SKU being displayed in the store, because it says it's already taken (screenshot), even though no item with that SKU exists in my catalogue (screenshot). It also tells me, when hovering over the SKU, that "This product has variations that affect this value" (screenshot), but I don't have a plan that allows me to have variations anymore.

How I can I resolve this? Cloning all my current items with completely new SKU's would be time consuming and lose all of my historical sale data for each item. Do I have to temporarily upgrade my plan to change the SKU's of the product combos that are currently invisible? Or is there some other issue I am missing?