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Originally Posted by Jbox View Post
hello i am getting error when i click on check out i have integrate 2CO perfectly so why this error is coming any body please help me.

If there is a problem with your integration or your account is in a status where it is unable to make live sales, checkout will give a parameter error (PE-1XX). The parameter error code displayed can range from PE-100 to PE-105. You should contact directly for assistance. The most common causes for a parameter error are as follows:
- Attempting to place a live sale using a demo account.
- Attempting to place a live sale while your account is in status P (inactive for live sales)
- Required parameters are missing or are being passed to checkout with an invalid value.

First of all, I suggest you to check your account status on your account homepage to make sure that it is not in status P. Accounts in status P are under review and are temporarily restricted from placing live sales. You will need to contact 2Checkout support team directly so that they can assist you with getting the account activated.

Also, please, make sure that the Account Demo Settings located in the 2Checkout backend → Site Management page is set to "Parameter". Please, refer to this article for details:
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