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Hi there! Thanks for reaching us out. My name is Grace, Ecwid Team. I'll be happy to help you.

I've checked your website and I see that the "Your email address" title is overlaid by the theme of your website. So, it means that there is a title, but it is hidden by your website theme. If I disable the rule created by your theme, it will appear. Please refer to the screenshot to see it: So, I've prepared a CSS code for you which will help you to change the colour of "Your email address" title to the white and it will be displayed properly. You need only to paste the code to your Ecwid settings.

To add a CSS code, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Design > Edit Theme.

2. Paste the code in the “New theme 2” theme:

HTML Code:
/* Change  "Your email address" title color */
div.form-control__placeholder-inner {color: white !important;}
3. Make sure that this theme is activated in “Status section”.

4. Save the changes.

Once you make it you will be able to add a CSS code in your Ecwid settings, that will help to change the color of "Your email address" title at the checkout. So, it will look like that:

Hope it helps you. Feel free to ask further questions. I’m here to assist you!
Grace G

Ecwid Customer Care team