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Originally Posted by Amanda Mitchell View Post
I wanted to add sizes for my products.
I know you can add options for your products. But I am a bit worried about adding them that way, as i am not 100% sure if once someone has bought that size (say i only have 1 in every size) someone else can still purchase that same size and then I have 2 people that have bought the same product and i only have one of that product. Is there a way that it would be removed once purchased to stop that from happening? At the moment I have my different sizes set up as different products but it is not ideal doing it that way.

- hope that all makes sense!


I suggest you using Product variations - a great feature which allows you setting up separate quantity/low stock notifications/SKU/image/price for each set of product options.Please, refer to this article for details:
This feature is available with Business and Unlimited plans. You can compare plans here:
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