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1. I need stock count? Say I have color & size per item, can I add stock per color & per size for a specific item.
At the moment you can track stock per item. The ability to track stock per product option (e.g. color or size) will appear in the next major Ecwid version.

2. Need a mailing list for people who registered via checkout, or just a register for mailing list on it’s own.
Just export your customers & orders to a CSV file and copy the email field from it.

3. Regarding orders, when a customer’s order is ready, need to send an email via the admin that the shipment has been sent.
It is possible:

4. Need to create a sale page? Meaning, say I want some of my items to have a sale price and I want to show it in a specific page.
5. Need to create a new arrivals page? Meaning, I just added new items, need to show them in a specific page.
You can create separate categories ("Sales" or "New Arrivals") and assigns some of your products to them. In Ecwid one product can be assigned to many categories.

6. Need to create an item in multiple languages? I need it in English & Hebrew.
7. Need to create multiple currencies for the item prices & checkout? I need in USD, EUR and Israel Shekels (ILS).
8. When someone is in the checkout, need to add and automatic "free shipping" for an order that is above x amount. Or maybe give discount between two amounts. Or in general, give free shipping for all orders.
These features are not available yet. Please vote for them in our ideas base.

As a workaround you can provide free shipping for an order above $x, using discount coupons:

9. Search field to search items.
Ecwid has the "Search field" widget:
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