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Thank you again for all your help. I actually did decide (after reading your post), there's no need for me to hide the link. For what I'm trying to achieve, the end-user will still be sent a username/password to access a portion of the site to get to a protected area. And if someone bypasses it, I'll know, because I would never have received an email about a credit card charge.

I'm kind of talking a very long, and educational route for a user wanting on-demand computer support - whereas I route them through the shopping cart, make the charge, I'm notified, then they are taken to a page with a special link that will allow them to connect to me (or software I have running on my end) and we establish a remote desktop sharing session and I can fix their computer.

One last question. The receipt sent to the user after they are charged - can that be modified with some additional text I'd like to include in the receipt - or should I start a new thread and/or search around?

Thanks again. You've been a great help w/this javascript stuff.