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Default Help setting up payments

As I was setting up my store and going through the steps I clicked enable ecwid payments. I wasn't sure I if I was supposed to do that or not. I have also set up through PayPal after I saw that as an option, but didn't know much about the ecwid. I have the free level of stuff.
If I were to enable ecwid payments, what fees would be assessed to use it?
Do I have to use ecwid payments if I set stuff up through PayPal?

I already got the confirmation email for ecwid payments, but haven't confirmed anything for it. But I also don't want my account to close and have payments go back to buyers. I would prefer to use PayPal.
What do I do to be able to use PayPal, not have my account closed, and still keep my storefront?

I tried emailing my question, but I don't qualify for email support. So any help in here is greatly appreciated!


Please provide the link to your storefront
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