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Originally Posted by Yellow Bird Products View Post
Same Here, we are new in ecwid and testing the mobile catalog. The pictures are very small, we believe nobody will purchase any item from the mobile catalog as the images are the most important fact in the type of product we sell.

Yes, good images are very important especially for your products.We have already started the work on changing Ecwid's design to make it responsive and suitable for all platforms including mobile devices. Please, vote for this idea:
and we'll notify you when the implementation is completed.
The new features are already developed considering the new responsive design and are in testing now. We plan to release a part of them very soon.

Thus the separate mobile version as you see it now will not be needed soon. This version is targeted at those older mobile devices like cellphones that don't have that level of Javascript support (the base underlying technology for Ecwid) and screens resolution as modern smart phones have. So it’s not recommended to use it as a main store. Almost all modern mobile browsers are capable to handle the website content in its full view. Still if you happen to have customers with feature phones (i.e. not smart phones) they wouldn't appreciate that for ex. the large products pics are loaded very slow or make it difficult to browse the store content.
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