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Originally Posted by Richard Laurent View Post
Some of the items we want to display in our online store are large, bulky kayaks that can only ship via LTL carrier. We can't automate it; we have to call the shipping company to get a quote and arrange delivery then get back to our customer with the rate.

Not really sure how to handle this. Maybe we should disable all shipping options and the kayak part of the store will just be a listing of the boats we sell with a note that customers will have to call or email us to buy and ship a kayak?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I suggest the following workaround:

1. Make the weight of your large kayaks very big. So, your store will show the "We don't ship this" error for these items.

2. Change the wording of this shipping error to say something like "Your order is too big, please contact us for a shipping quote. Our phone number is NNN".
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