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Thank you for contacting us!

You sure can skip the shipping address page so the customer goes straight to the payment page.

To do so, please
1. Log in to your Ecwid Control Panel and go to the “Catalog” tab
2. Create a new product or select one of the existing to edit
3. Go to “General” settings tab, unmark the option “This product requires shipping” and save the changes.

Now the customers will not have to enter the shipping address at checkout, when they add this item to bag.

To disable the billing address go to Settings > General > Cart page > Checkout settings > ‘Ask for a billing address during checkout’ and disable the option.
Thus, billing address form won’t be displayed on checkout.

For more information on E-goods you can go to:

Please notice that selling E-goods is only possible if you use one of the paid plans. To upgrade your current plan, follow the link.
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