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Originally Posted by Susan Living1 View Post
Hi Makfruit,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

I know very little about coding

Where do I put the code below? I understand I need to put it on the same page that has the ecwid shopping cart now.

Do I put in after that html in the page editor?

I'm using Wordpress

Thank you!

The code of a JS modification like the one discussed here should be placed in the HTML code of Wordpress page where your Ecwid store is installed. If you embed Ecwid manually by copying and pasting the code from the Dashboard page of your control panel to your store page, then the JS code needs to be inserted likewise into the HTML source code of that same page (after the Ecwid integration code). On the other hand, if you use our ready Wordpress plugin, it creates a special page for the store. In your WP Admin → Pages it can be usually found as a page entitled 'Store'. You need to go editing the store page, switch your editor to HTML mode (a gray tab on the top right of editable area) and paste the code in there (again, after the Ecwid integration code). Then you need to apply the changes by pressing Update button on the right column.
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