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Originally Posted by John C View Post
I posted this over a week ago. After several days of waiting I posted a second, more urgent, request for help which was answered by a non-Ecwid web designer. Here is the link to the second posting:
I was able to get the indexing to work. Both products and categories appeared in the Google index. But so did the "cart" page plus another URL that looked like it timed out and returned a Google description snippet that was gibberish. A closer look revealed it was a duplicate of a product that appeared earlier in the Google search but through a second category. I call that duplicate content which is a problem. Plus the gibberish in the description snippet is unacceptable.
ALL my customers find me through a Google search so I can't have issues which make a potential customer reluctant to click on the link to my site. Therefore, I junked the Ajax indexing and went back to using static HTML product pages with embedded Ecwid product code - essentially eliminating Ecwid’s best feature (the product browser) from my site.
Further, I believe the expectation these days is that a paid subscriber can get a tech support reply in 24 hours or less. At least that's what I see with Weebly, Sqaurespace and BlueHost. Too bad it took Ecwid 11 days.

We created Ecwid forums as a kind of community where merchants can get the answer or a helpful tip not only from Ecwid team but other users.
Ecwid community is a resource where you can find the information which already posted in answered threads using the search. You also can find plenty of ready solutions and benefit in many ways in other merchants experience. In other words, there are many threads which can be reused.

The important thing is the forums is not a direct support channel with the guaranteed response time. Of course, we, Ecwid team, strive to answer all the questions of the community members as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible though and we give priority to the problem reports.

Paid clients can also use email support, Business and Unlimited plan can also use live chat to get assistance.

Basically our help center: knowledgebase and forums contain answers to most questions regarding Ecwid. However if you need more detailed explanation or require more precise instructions for your particular case, we will be glad to help.
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