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Default How to add additional shipping fopr BIG items?

From my german shop some items can't be sent with a cheap package, because they are big. The shop is giving them a cheap shipping, because they are extremely light (for example a pillow is big and light). The shop "thinks" this would match into a "simple mail" but it doesn't because of the size.

In the shipping options there is no way to set a maximum size if the package.

I could write a big weight to make the shop chose the right shipping option - i did this. But customers can see the weight somewhere in the order description and start asking me: "what??? this pillow is over 2 kg?!"

I could just add the additional shipping prize to the items prize (but then people see the item in my shop in Moscow and ask "why does it cost 9 euros more in Berlin?" :-)

How can i make the shop automatically chose a more expensive shipping (or ad some amount to the shipping), as soon, as someone adds one of the big things to his order?