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Originally Posted by webwahm View Post
This is really crucial - I'm looking at Premium for a mature store where others are integral to helping manage it, upload products etc. This is the one BIG issue stopping me coming over to you...I'm happy to volunteer to help get this tested and rolled out? I want to give you my money, but without this...

As you know Ecwid currently allows only one user - the account owner - to manage the Ecwid store under this account. *

In fact Ecwid was created to help merchants who have no special skills in coding and programming, who have just started their business to open their first online store. But time has shown that Ecwid is also used by organizations with a large staff with different posts and responsibilities. Accordingly, we have reflected about some functionality development that will allow merchants to register multiple accounts with different access levels for third parties. This is exactly what you are asking about.

Please, vote for this idea here to be informed about idea’s status changes: As you can see this idea is already planned. We’re going to implement it in the nearest future, yet we cannot provide any ETA for now.

You can also develop your own control panel that will communicate with Ecwid using our API. The panel will communicate with Ecwid online and it will have a limited access for the features that you could setup.

If you need a professional help with this development, please, feel free to contact our partners from Qualiteam:

Hope this helps. If any questions appear - please do net hesitate to ask. We are very glad to help you.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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