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I'm Edward from Ecwid Team.

I'm sorry about the problem you've faced. Please let me clarify the situation.

I've checked our system and could not find any refund requests for your Ecwid account. I've sent you an email with the details regarding your account subscription, as it includes sensitive information about your account.

In general, please let me explain how the Ecwid subscription service works.

Ecwid is a subscription-based service that is automatically prolongated every month or year depending on the type of the account. We have this system in place to make sure that the stores of our merchants run without any interruptions.

A merchant is able to switch to the Free plan with a permanent $0 fee at any time of the subscription. Downgrade to the Free plan takes immediate effect.

Please note that according to our Terms of Service, we don’t provide refunds.

If you have any questions — please feel free to reply to my email about your account subscription.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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