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Originally Posted by Eric Craig View Post
Is there an inventory control app that will work with all 3 of these programs? We currently sell on eBay and are in the process of building the online store to much more than it is with ECWID. We are also in the process of setting up a brick and mortar store. We will be utilizing Square POS. I need a single application that will manage all 3 of these inventories.

Has anybody else found a solution?
Hi Eric,

Thank you for your question!

Ecwid is integrated both with Square POS and eBay.

All Square products (including product elements such as descriptions, names, images, variations and stock levels) are automatically transferred to Ecwid online store. The inventory is synchronized, so if an item is sold in your online store, your Square inventory will be updated and vice versa.
Please follow this instruction to set it up:

Ecwid integration with eBay allows you to export your Ecwid catalog to eBay. Once the order is made through eBay, it will appear in Ecwid control panel, and the product quantity will be changed accordingly.
Follow this instruction to set it up:

So, since you'd like to use both integrations. I suggest you proceeding the following way:

1. Enable integration with Square as described in this article. Your Square inventory will be transferred to Ecwid automatically
2. Export products to eBay as described in this article.

Here's what happens when someone places an order:

— via your online store: the inventory in Square will be synchronized,
— via eBay: the inventory will be synchronized both in Ecwid and Square,
— via Square: the inventory in Ecwid will be synchronized.

So, your store inventory will always be up to date.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. I'll be glad to help you.