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Originally Posted by Larry Schneider Jr View Post
I'm confused as to what I need to set up and what I do not.

I have a Wix site and it has a storefront -

What I'm trying to do is sell prints of my artwork. People will browse the images on the site. Then, if they are interested in any pieces, they'll have two options to purchase per image.

Let's say they want an "8 x 10 Giclee print on premium luster paper". They'll make their selection. Go through the purchasing steps submitting their CC or Debit info ... Then, I'm confused.

Do I need to incorporate ecwid? Can I use just Wix to set up a storefront?
How do I get the customer's purchasing info to the fulfillment center? Is what I have so far setup correctly and then I need to manually send the purchaser's info to the fulfillment center?

Wendy with Ecwid is here. Thanks a lot for getting in touch with us!

I've inspected your store at As I see, your website is built on Wix and you added Ecwid app to this site.

Ecwid is a shopping cart platform and you can add your Ecwid store almost everywhere: to any website or social page (or even to several places at the same time). So, your online store is powered by Ecwid and you can manage it from your Ecwid control panel at

In order to collect the money for the orders, you should set up payment methods. As I see, you already set up PayPal. It means the money for the orders will be collected in your PayPal account.

I checked PayPal settings in your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Payment page. You should disable this checkbox if you have a live (not a developer) PayPal account:

In order to disable it, open "PayPal Account Settings" in your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Payment page.

You will be notified about new orders via email. In order to see order info, you need to open your Ecwid control panel > My sales > Orders page.

If you'd like to send order details to a fulfillment center, please consider the following options:

- you can do it manually (for ex., you can export orders to a file and send this file via email);

- you can use free app allowing to connect Ecwid to 3-d party apps: Zapier. Here is the link to this app: Zapier is a web automation tool that allows you to connect Ecwid to a side app. You don't need to be a professional programmer to do this. Please, refer to this article to learn more about Zapier app: and here is an instruction how to setup Zapier based on an example with Google Sheets:

- you can create a custom solution for your store, that will connect your Ecwid and fulfillment center accounts via API. Ecwid API documentation is available at: Note that such customization requires certain programming skills, so you may want to hire a professional developer for this job.

In Ecwid, we offer a customization service on a paid basis. If you are interested in, please fill in the form for quote:

I hope you will find this helpful.

If you have other concerns, please feel free to write me back and it will be my pleasure to assist you further. Have a wonderful day!
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