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Default Add 'In Stock' on Category Page but not for all products

Hi there,

I would like to display the text "In Stock" for most of the products displayed in a Category Page but not for all. I am able to add the text "In Stock" (removed this code for now) but need help in getting it to NOT display for certain product IDs. These IDs I will manually add to the script.

I have been looking at the following threads but my needs are different: (got this one to work) (could not get this to work)

The reason for this is that all products in the store can be ordered but a few are not in stock (they can be pre-ordered). So I would like to highlight the products in the Category Page that are in stock. (As opposed to those that are not in stock.)

Do you have a sample script to get the id of each product listed in a category page? (Ecwid is included in our WIX site and we understand where to place the script.)

Thank you.