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Question How can I deliver a LINK as the deliverable? Egoods is only 'downloads.'

I searched Ecwid forums high and low and was surprised that I could not find the answer to this…

I do educational podcasts and I set them up to stream on private pages. They can be accessed if you have the link, but they are otherwise not on my site nor indexed by search engines.

I 'sell' most of these for zero $0 and would like to deliver links to these pages to my Ecwid shoppers. Unfortunately, the eGoods functionality only allows a 'downloadable file.' I do not want my shoppers to download a file, I want to deliver them a webpage LINK.

Is there a way to do this? It seems so simple.

If the eGoods "description input box" would allow HTML, I'd be all set. But it does not (best I can tell). Yes, I can put a link in as text within the eGood description, but it needs to be clickable.

So… what suggestions do you have?

I want my shoppers to go through the checkout process to get the LINK(s) so I have them in my customer database AND I want them to experience "checking out" (even if the sale is for $0).

Please help.