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Originally Posted by Antonio pisanelli View Post
When you create a new product after you have put the description in you have an option to insert/Edit image.. when you click on that it asks for a URL but the image is on my computer..I cant work out easily how to upload this image

Hello Antonio!

As I understand, your question concerns the “Product description” field in the control panel -> Catalog -> Products -> a product page.
Below I will explain in short words how this “Product description” field works.

Product description is usually used to add general information about product, which will be shown on the product detailed page in Ecwid storefront. Furthermore, the description block can be used not just to show the text, you can also add video overview, images, animated elements that will help you to show your product in a more favorable way.
These features are included into the description box which use special editor (TinyMCE) with options of WYSIWYG and HTML editing.

In order to add images to this editor, it is necessary to upload these images somewhere (for example to your server or any image hosting service).
Then you should add URL address of the image, which should be shown in the product description in WYSIWYG editor of the “Product description” field -> Insert/edit image popup.

As I can see, you already added an image in the product description. In case you have further questions, please feel free to ask.
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