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Originally Posted by Michael Stern View Post

I am new to ecwid and am considering integrating it with a Wordpress managed website for its shopping cart functionality. Regarding the storefront configuration options, I am looking to feature products by date.

For example, I imagine a customer arrives at the storefront and chooses a date from a calendar. After choosing the date, the customer can then see the products available on that date. This is for a food-related website where certain products (ie menu items) will be available only on certain dates. Can ecwid be configured to do something like this?
Ecwid currently has 1 way to organize your products - it is category tree. A product can be bound to categories.

You can achieve the product filtering by calendar the following way:

1) make a container category in your Ecwid control panel > Categories and disable it, if you don't want that service category to appear in your usual storefront.

2) Under that container category make a new category fro each date. The naming of them is totally up to you, just stick to some particular date format to never get confused about it.

3) Assign your products to the categories accordingly. Each product should be assigned to the category representing the date when it is available. You can assign a product to as many categories as you need, thus allowing each product to be available on any days you assign it to.

4) Make a calendar (or use any existing one), adding the links to the appropriate particular categories for each date in it.