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Originally Posted by ValeriiM View Post
Hi! This code doesn't work.
Maybe there's another code?
Hi Valerii,

This is Terry from Ecwid Team. Thanks for reaching us out!

I checked your Ecwid Admin > Design > Custom CSS theme and found one code without a closing curly brace:

HTML Code:
/*Убрать время доставки из корзины*/
span.ecwid-shippingOption-days, span.ecwid-Invoice-ShippingDetails-transitTime {
display:none !important;
That’s why the codes you’ve pasted after this CSS code don’t work on your site.

So, please, add “ } “ after that code. Please, check my screenshot:

After that, you can hide the Print button from your Legal Pages with the help of this CSS code:

HTML Code:
/* Hide the "Print" button from the Legal Pages — BEGINNING */

 .ec-size .ec-page-button--print { display: none; }

/* Hide the "Print" button from the Legal Pages — END */
Please follow my instructions on how to apply this code:

— Open your Ecwid Control Panel > Design.
— Click the Edit Theme button.
— Insert the code to your active CSS theme under your current codes.
— Click the Save button.

As a result, the Print button will be hidden from your Legal Pages.

Hopefully, it helps. Feel free to contact us if any questions arise.

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