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It is possible to copy all the products from one of your Ecwid stores to another. In order to do it, you will need to export the products from the first store to a CSV file and then import it to the second store. Please refer to the following article in our knowledge base for the details:

Note: the additional product images (images gallery) and the product options cannot be exported/imported in Ecwid yet. As for importing product options, there is a workaround - using X-Cart import format for it. Please refer to this thread for details:


It is now possible to upload gallery images to your Ecwid store in bulk using Bulk Gallery Upload app:

The app needs a CSV table with Tab as a delimiter and UTF-8 encoding to manage gallery upload. It also allows to upload images using a single ZIP-archive, please check this help page for details:

The Bulk Gallery Upload app is free, but requires any Ecwid paid plan to access API.
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