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Exclamation "Order.ExtraFields" (used to capture Delivery Date/Time) - not robust? Displaying?

We have multiple restaurant ecwid Stores (using ecwid's Instant Site) and obviously offer Home Delivery with scheduled date/time. We use ecwid extraField variable to prompt for mandatory date/time when Shipping selected.

Great so far ...

Though weirdly it doesn't always appear/prompt and occasionally Shipped/Delivery orders arrives without date/time (very frustrating!).

Also the "My e-shop" app does NOT show the extraFields - which is equally frustrating!

We really need "Orders.extraFields" in all mail / notification comms ... as its become a critical element (that IMHO should be as "Home Delivery Date/Time" as built-in feature, just like PickUp is, with date/time - preparation etc).

Happy for any feedback or thoughts on those points.

("Daniel @ Ready4You")